Founded in 1992, Plastrec is a leading North American manufacturer of food grade recycled PET resin from post-consumer containers.

Well known for its sense of innovation and devotion towards customer satisfaction, Plastrec’s state of the art process provides consistent superior quality food grade resin to its customers in all PET applications (bottling, sheet, strapping, fiber, BCF, etc…) enabling them to use up to 100% recycled content in their product. A good alternative to virgin PET.  

Plastrec can not only offer a food grade recycled resin but also a washed flake. 

Specializing in processing post-consumer containers, Plastrec buys roughly 2 billion PET containers per year from different municipal programs in Quebec, Ontario and the United States. Keeping up  with the newest products and brands allows Plastrec to be pro-active towards changes in the recycling stream.